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Technology moves fast.
We can help you keep up.

Breakbeat Technology can bring your infrastructure and development process into the future with IT Automation, CI/CD, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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our work process

You want someone To call at 2:00 AM when things Go wrong.
What you need is Someone who makes sure that call never has to happen.

We Work With Your Business To Enable A Secure, Reliable, and Cost Efficient Infrastructure.

Initial Consult

We discuss the problems you're trying to solve and determine if we're a good fit for your requirements.

Infrastructure Design

We architect an infrastructure based on your requirements.


We automate the infrastructure design using tools like Terraform, Ansible, and Docker.


After implementation we can make sure your infrastructure stays in top shape.

How we can help


Infrastructure Automation

We utilize tools like Terraform and Docker to provide you with an automated Infrastructure as Code solution for your systems.


We have expertise in many of the commonly used AWS products such as EC2 (Including Autoscaling), ELB, RDS, S3, SES, and many more.


Devops isn't just a role or set of tools, it's a cultural paradigm. We help break down the walls between your operations and development team so you can deliver better software.


What our clients think

“For me, as the owner of a startup and my first time going through the process, there were two qualities I was looking for. I needed to trust that the person knew what they’re doing and they needed to be available when I needed them. Rob was both of those things. He is highly knowledgeable and reliable. He knows the ins and outs of AWS and can sleuth out any issues quickly. I appreciate the work Rob has done for my business and would certainly recommend him to others.”
Shilpa Rosenberry
Shilpa Rosenberry
Founder, Scouted Food
“Robert helped our company make sweeping and important changes to our infrastructure and deployment strategies. The quality of his work was excellent and he really took ownership of his part of the overall project. I recommend him highly and will use him again when the need arises.”
Karl Groves
Karl Groves
“Best expeirence with a freelancer of any kind. Super talented and quick with his work. Great communication and was able to advise us when we were in the dark on what to do.”
Tyler Percy
Tyler Percy
Creative & Technical Director, Travel Boulder

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